Utterly Brilliant Meme from Shawnee

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Hmmm....I was married to my first husband, living in uber-suburbia living the life I didn't want to be living in. NO....wasn't contemplating suicide, just wasn't happy.
What were you doing one year ago?
Worked in a job I loved, married to the most wonderful man in the world, planning a trip to Vegas.
Five snacks you enjoy.
I'm with you Shawnee..only 5? Sheesh!!
1. Baked Cheetoes mouthgasm
2. Cheese - any form - mouthgasm
3. Pickles - mouthgasm
4. Spinach dip with tons of water chestnuts - ubermouthgasm
5. Chips and salsa - it's the official state snack of Texas - oh..and mouthgasm
Five songs you know all the lyrics to.
Again, I am with Shawnee, I can't remember what I ate for breakfast (did I eat??) but I hear a snipit of a tune, and BAM...the brain juices justa flow! Now here's the hard part..trying to remember the songs for this list...anyone got a radio? Ipod?
1. Any Duran Duran tune
2. You and Your Hand - Pink...no, I'm not proud, but it is catchy
3. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond .. don't judge me.
4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
5. High Enough - Damn Yankees
Five things you would do if you were a millionaire.
1. Pay off all debt.
2. Give 10% to church
3. Give money to family
4. Give money to friends
5. Go on a long cruise
Five bad habits.
1. Messing with my hair.
2. Beer :) no, I'm not a raging alcoholic
3. Gossip
4. Chew on lip
5. Not sleeping!
Five things you like doing.
1. Travel
2. Shopping
3. Lying out in the sun
4. Watching TV
5. Driving home!
Five things you would never wear again.1
1. Shoulder pads
2. Leg Warmers
3. YoYo's
4. A bow in my hair (yes I had one to match every outfit I owned)
5. Tube tops!
Five Favorite Toys.
I'm not much of a toy person, but I'll give it a shot...
1. My car
2. My phone
3. The remote control (I'm easily amused folks)
4. My really cool weather station that my husband gave me for Christmas last year. It is the BOMB!
5. My kitchenaid mixer


Something That Irritates Me

Ok..so there really is a whole list...but..I really get irritated at those twisty ties that holds the plastic together on a loaf of bread. Can't stand them. Now I consider myself to be *semi* intelligent, but for some reason, I end up hovering around the low end of the IQ scale when it comes to those. WHY are they so hard to untwist? Is it just me? I mean this morning I swear, the *#*&@&@ thing wouldn't come off. I twisted one way..wasn't the right direction. So logically, I go for the other direction..that didn't seem to work either because the stupid thing got twisted up around itself. I finally just got the scissors out and cut the dang thing. That's right. I showed WHO is boss. Victory is so sweet...


Where is Teacher Lady????

Part of my daily routine is coming in and reading all the blogs of my friends and virtual friends. So...although I am HORRIBLE about updating my blog daily...do as I say, not as I do. I need a Teacher Lady fix! And Irby..where'd you go???? Thank God Shawnee came through for me yesterday and SJ..you rock on yours!!! Don't y'all know I have a bad pancreas and can become extremely ill if I'm not blogified on a daily basis??? Where is your sense of humanity!



Deep Thoughts..ok Questions..from Irby

From my dear, sweet Irb...

1. What's one thing you were taught as a child that you later discovered to be totally false?
That it IS ok to leave the house without lipstick. Although I rarely do. The fear of Mary Bo giving me the raised eye brow... Yes, my momma's name is Mary Bo. We are southern (not hick..BIG difference) people. :)

2. You rub your lava lamp, and a genie comes out and offers you three wishes, along with the standard disclaimer that you can't wish for more wishes. What do you wish for?
A) World peace..ok maybe not...to be debt free! B) To be diabetes free C) My husband could open the restaurant he's always wanted to have.

3. What would your name be if you were an adult film star?
Savannah Slick

4. What's your absolute favorite food, the one you would subsist on for a year if you could, nutrition be damned?
Tex Mex...cheese enchiladas..omg..mouth gasm.

5. Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Search, or Dancing with the Stars?
Dancing with the Stars of course!!!! I'm pulling for Leila Ali. She rocks. Although Ian Ziering (sp?) looks a lot better these days then he did in the 90210 days.


Five Questions From Shawnee

Shawnee (http://utterlybrilliantthoughts.blogspot.com/) posted five questions she received from another blogger and requested we request questions from her..so here are her questions to me and my answers!

  • Name five "luxury items" that you could not live without. (i.e., not necessities such as food, water, air, cocktails or George Clooney. Although that last one may just be me.)
    Pedicures, eyebrow waxing and shaping, massages, valet parking and Gucci bags.
  • What are you five favorite non-blog websites?
    www.southwest.com (shameless plug for my company of course!); www.weather.com; www.ttu.edu; www.unlv.edu; www.craigslist.com
  • Martinis, mimosas, margaritas, mojitos . . . so many cocktails, so little time! What's your favorite drink right now?
    Oh dear..ok well, here is where the *going to school in west Texas* comes out in me... Coors Light. That's right..beer. I love beer. AND...I don't drink it outta no sissy glass either...straight up baby, straight up! (hic!)
  • What's the best thing about living in Texas? Have you ever lived anywhere but there?
    Well, the weather is great here! Changes on a dime and we have some seriously cool thunderstorms. Also, you can go to the mountains, desert, plains and beach..all in one state! Nope...only lived in Texas...ssssaaallluuuttteee!
  • I know you like to travel - what's your favorite place to visit? Where would you like to go next?
    We're actually heading to New York City next month..I've never been! I am SO excited. I'm also jonesin' for a trip back to Italy. Of course, anyplace with a beach always is top of the list too.

Ok folks...if you wanna play...leave me a comment and/or email me (kimscott333@aol.com) and let me know and I'll give YOU 5 questions to answer on your blog!


What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

Are any of us really, really happy with our jobs? Ok..those of you who are..sit down and be quiet! :) I love my company. I really do. It is the job that just doesn't do it for me. I did not go to school to be an IT person. In fact, my bachelor and master's degrees are in hotel and restaurant management. But here I am, a computer geek. Unfortunately, I don't see myself getting out of this industry because of the pay. That's right...the *golden handcuffs*. That is the phenomena when say a person makes $$$$K a year in their job, but the job they really want only pays $$K a year. You see what I mean? Sucks... I don't hate what I do, it just ain't the real Kimmy. Oh well..one day I'll grow up to be that meteorological aircraft accident investigating instructing retirement community home manager that I really wanna be, right?!


Semi-Tagged by Teacher Lady

I love Teacher Lady's blog (http://sexedhighered.blogspot.com/). I swear she's my lost twin who is battling teaching college students while working on her Ph.D. and questioning both. Teacher Lady's last blog offered a tag for her readers to do the following - List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.
So..here goes..and I have to say..some of these I'm not necessarily *into* but the damn things are looping in my brain as of late and dammit..they won't go away!!!

1. 'Fergalicious' - uh YES...stupid, stupid song, but stuck in head.
2. 'Cut You Up' - Peter Murphy
3. 'Too Shy' - Kajagoogoo
4. 'Its Not Over' - Daughtry
5. 'Everywhere I Go' - No Clue who sings it..it is the tune on the Geico caveman commercials
6. 'Before He Cheats' - Carrie Underwood
7. ' The Great Commandment' - Camouflage

I know..totally all over the board. Scary huh? Oh well..it is variety!
Ok..so who to tag - Irb, Shawnee, Kathy, SJ...that's a start...get 'em!